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Residential Photography
Residential Photography

Do you need to sell your home as quickly as possible? Do you need to list your property right away but can’t locate a reliable and professional property photographer? There’s no need to worry now that you’ve found us!

All real estate photography essentially begins with excellent and clear interior shots. Showing off your property in the greatest light possible necessitates years of expertise in compounding, framing, lighting, editing, and understanding when to take a shot. Jackie Buys Photo provides this in each photograph we take. We set out to hear your demands and will go above and beyond to ensure that the photograph we capture is the finest it can be.

We make thorough efforts to ensure that our photos are properly exposed, straight angles are used, and that the color tone is correct and consistent. We even have sophisticated editing techniques like enhancing the fireplace’s fire, converting skies to blue, removing objects from the image, mending grass, and just about anything else imaginable to assist improve the property’s overall appearance.

Thousands of residential properties in Long Island have been captured by us over the years, so you may rest easy knowing that we understand what we’re doing.

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