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General Areas:

Dust furniture and ceiling fan blades. Vacuum carpets, mop floors.

Clean glass shower doors, and all mirrors.

Replace light bulbs and open blinds.

Remove clutter – magazine, tv remotes, shoes, blankets, pet items, toys, coats.

Do not pile up boxes in rooms that will be photographed.

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• Remove soap and sponges from the counters and all dishes from the sink.

• Remove the dish rack.

• Remove Magnets from the refrigerator and other items on top of the frig.

• De-clutter the counter of excess items.

• Pet bowls, beds, toy and other accessories should be removed for all rooms.

• Range hood, stove top and all appliances should be cleaned of food & smudges.

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• Make all beds, tuck in sheets, fluff up pillows.

• Put away laundry and other clothing, shoes, handbags, briefcases, and school bags.

• Clear nightstands of excess items. Keys, glasses, tv remotes, tissues, etc.

• Replace light bulbs.

• Remove pet beds.

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• Vanity clear of personal items: brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bars of soap.

• Clean mirrors and shower doors. Replace light bulbs.

• Remove floor carpets, cleaning supplies and waste bin.

Fresh towels. 

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Outside Areas:

• Patio furniture arranged neatly. Remove excess items.

• Remove lawn tools, mowers, rakes, shovels, garden hoses, toys.

• Rake/sweep up leaves, sticks, papers.

• Pools. Remove skimmers, cleaning supplies, pool toys.

• Cut the grass, tidy the flower beds.

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Front Exterior

Cut the grass. Trim the shrubs. Clean the driveway and walkways.

Remove toys and lawn tools.

Remove all vehicles from the driveway and do not park in front of the house.

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